1- Letting Procedures: The property rental will be confirmed on receipt of emailed confirmation of the booking from the client or their agents, detailing times and dates of arrival, who the occupiers will be and any specific needs (all apartments are non smoking).

2- Method and timescale of payment: Full first monthly payment will be required on receiving our invoice or on terms otherwise agreed and made by company cheque, credit card (with a 3.5% surcharge) or by bank transfer of funds. If other terms have not been agreed, and if we have not received payment in full and in cleared funds by 4 working days after our invoice date, then the invoice is automatically cancelled, and the proerty re-marketed. If within the 28 day non cancellable time frame (see clause 4 below), payment is required immediately upon receiving our invoice.

3- Deposit: A refundable deposit of up to £1,000 may be required against any unpaid rent due to extensions of stay, breakages, damage, missing items and any services provided i.e. the telephone account (which is charged at the British Telecom or virgin rate on a quarterly basis). In the event a deposit is not taken the client remains responsible for any rent owed, breakages, damage, missing items or services provided and in any event on arrival the resident will be expected to provide credit card details to cover such issues.

4- Cancellation/notice: If notice of cancellation is received 28 days prior to arrival a full refund will be given. After arrival a minimum 28 days notice will be required for leaving or extending the period of letting.

5- Arrival and departure: Rental properties are reserved from 2pm on the day of arrival to 11am on the day of departure. Any additional hours will be charged as an additional day unless otherwise agreed. Arrangements for keys and check-ins are to be by mutual convenience, and will ideally be during normal working hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday).

6- Accommodation and location: Each apartment is fully furnished and each kitchen will have necessary appliances, crockery, cutlery and utensils. All linen and towels are provided. The number of persons permitted to occupy each apartment is limited to the number of beds provided and any separate requirement is to be agreed.

7- Loss or damage: Responsibility is not provided for loss or damage to contents, furniture and fittings or any personal belongings at the apartments. The client should, therefore, affect their own insurance against such risks and personal items as they consider necessary.

8- Charges: Prices quoted are as per the invoice, and include all utility, council tax, tv license, yelephone line rental, wi-fi etc. The only additional costs are for the telephone account, which will be invoiced separately as per clause 3 above. Additional costs will also apply should an additional bed, cot or hi-chair be required. Or consent given to a pet (prices on application). An administration charge of £100 will be made should we be called upon to gain entry into the apartment on behalf of an agreed occupier, because of loss of keys. Cost of a new lock and keys will be invoiced accordingly to the resident/s if applicable.

9- Rental increases: After each year the rents payable will be increased by 5%.

10- Complaints: Should be directed to one of our Directors either verbally, by email or in writing and preferably whilst the client is still in residence. Best endeavours will be made to resolve to mutual satisfaction any complaints made.

11- Restrictions imposed on each and every letting:

– Not to leave the property vacant or unoccupied for a period in excess of 14 consecutive days without providing us notice of intention to do so.

– Not to make any alteration in or addition to the property nor to damage or injure it, nor to fix nails, screws, hooks or adhesive materials to any interior or exterior surface.

– Not to use the property for any illegal or immoral purposes or for any purpose which does or may cause a nuisance or annoyance to us or any neighbouring occupiers, and in addition no pets will be allowed without consent. If consent is given and if there are any complaints whatsoever by any neighbour or by us for any reason, then the pet/s is to be immediately removed from the apartment. Owner remaining fully responsible also for any damage caused by the pet/s, to the apartment and communal areas. The owner shall also pay for a professional carpet and upholstery clean on their departure.

– Not to turn off or have turned off the main water supply to the property, nor to leave it unheated for a period in excess of 24 hours during the winter months or any other period of the year when there is a possibility of temperatures being sufficient as to cause damage.

– Not to assign, underlet, charge, part or share possession or occupation of the property or any part of it.

– Not to alter or install any locks on any door or window in or about the property or have any additional keys made for any locks.